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"Change your resume. Change your life!"

Real transformation. Real quick. 

"Change your resume. Change your life!"

Real transformation. Real quick.


Get it done together 


Get clarity 


Get hired faster

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Change your resume. Change your life!

It sounds simple, but it's true. Having an outdated, stale resume can slow you down. It can cost you job interviews, offers, time and, even, money.  

Can a resume that is 3 pages and 10+ years old do the trick? Not anymore.

It's been time for a change for awhile. Now you are ready, truly ready. But how? I've got you covered.

Writing your best resume doesn't have to take up all of your time. And (spoiler alert) you don't have to create a new resume for EVERY job application to have success.

In fact, the opposite is true. You can have a 1-page resume that you love!

Your time is valuable.

You've been building the foundation of career for some time now.  Don't waste any more time feeling aggravated, annoyed, hopeless or discouraged about your sh*tty resume! 

Using the tools and guidance offered by Best Resume Coach, this authenticity is exactly how you are going to stand out in a crowded pile of resumes. 

Career transformation for experienced and talented professionals.

You've put in the work. Are you ready to shine?

You have multiple talents, varied experience and tons of skills. In fact, you've gotten so good at what you do, now you're tasked with doing more and more. Are you a Jack(or Jill) of all trades, yet master of none? I'd beg to differ that you are actually a master of some
You've been in the same role at the same company for a loooong time. Are you finally ready...? 

  • Change of pace
  • Be appreciated
  • Embrace your courage
  • Feel empowered
  •  Have more confidence 
  • Be  ​inspired again!

eBook Plus




In my 1-1 work with hundreds of clients privately, some similarities started to arise. I noticed that everyone who followed a simple yet unique process had better results—faster! This eBook Plus is a compilation of wisdom I've learned in my experience as a Career Coach.

  • ​Questions to ask before applying for any job​
  • MY really embarrassing resume before & after 
  • ​Wheel of Success
  • ​5-Layer Cake for Career Change "Recipe"
  • ​Templates & Guides
  • ​So much more...

Also available on Amazon & Google Play Books... 

1-1 Career Coaching & Resume Collaboration

Let me join you in your journey to success! If you know you're ready to "go all in" for your career transformation, the Career Change Collaboration is the best option.  

What is possible when you finally feel...?

  • Confident: in your abilities and talents as you are
  • Valued as a leader in your industry
  • Recognized  for your dedication and work ethic
  • Appreciated for your time and expertise
  • Compensated with higher salary, better benefits, and more free time than ever before! ​
  • ​​Passionate about the meaningful impact you can make

A significant investment for true transformation in life and career.


Real recommendations from happy clients. 

“"Revolutionized the way that I relate to my career!”

“Collaborating with Jennifer on my resume/career plans revolutionized the way that I relate to my career.

ONE WEEK AGO I didn't have:
-A RESUME (my existing resume was at least 8 years old, during which time I'd moved up from a junior level staff person to a top-tier executive).

- The ability to articulately frame the skills that I have or work that I've done as transferable to other industries.

I haven't been on a job interview in 14 years...until this morning...when I had one of the most amazing meetings of my life!!

Within the first 5 minutes the recruiter complimented me on my resume, and I quote, "I love your resume! "

I left the interview excited, confident, and proud!...

If you are anywhere near the same boat that I was in (old/no resume, transitioning, overwhelmed, looking for work, etc.), I can't recommend Jennifer highly enough!"

Chrissy | Non-Fiction Book Publishing 

“I received multiple offers within two weeks!”

“I couldn't be more impressed with Jenn’s work. She did an excellent job of summarizing my lengthy and varied work experience and creating a resume and LinkedIn profile that I felt very confident with.

Jenn presented thought-provoking questions before our first call, which helped me gain personal clarity and helped her truly understand what was important to me. I felt like Jenn was the perfect mix of professional and personal, and seamlessly went from resume writer to career coach offering me incredible support, accountability, and camaraderie.

She was always well prepared for my many questions and made this process, which can be exhausting and frightening, more joyful and rewarding. I received multiple offers within two weeks of posting my resume and have happily accepted a position I’m excited about. Jenn was my biggest cheerleader. I would highly recommend Jennifer Garcia for anyone wanting to stand out in their job search!"

Heather | Wellness Coaching & Facilitation 

“I got the job!”


Jennifer truly is the BEST RESUME COACH!

After spending a ton of time with me and google docs Jennifer helped me to co-recreate, brainstorm, reorganize and reword my complete resume and cover letter.

Her experience and expertise helped me to see my professional strengths in a new light and with more accurate description landing me THE job I wanted as a college instructor.

Thank you so much Jenn. I couldn't have taken this next step in my career without you!" 

Tara | Early Childhood & Higher Education










Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to “collaborate”?

Whether it’s through the eBook Plus, a digital course or 1:1 Career Coaching private session, you can feel empowered to get started right away with the templates and questions I provide you.

When we meet via video call, we will collaborate and work together to polish your new resume and career content in real-time.

You’ll walk away from our call with something tangible to start making that career change happen right away. Reach your goals faster, together.

How does it work? 

For 1:1 Career Coaching, simply:
-Choose a package that best suits your needs
-Select a date and time for us to meet
-Answer the Q&A form in advance
-Send me a copy of your old/outdated resume
-Meet for our scheduled video calls 
-Enjoy the collaboration! 

For digital programs and eBook Plus, simply: 
-Choose the program that is is right for you
-Read the materials
-Download the templates
-Get started immediately!

 Do you stand behind your work?

Yes! 100%. Use my tools and follow my advice and you could receive a job offer within 30 days or less. Seriously, it can be easy and even a little fun! If you don’t receive a job offer within 30 days of using these tools, I will re-work your resume for free!

 Do I get to keep the content?

You have lifetime access to the documents that we co-create together. We will collaborate to create something you feel proud of.

Writing a resume, bio or LinkedIn profile is a life and career skill that you can take with you and use for the future. You’ll be ready to apply for your next job with ease! (and have a coach to guide you through it) 

 Why do you spell it resume instead of résumé?

Technically both spellings are correct. I knew it would drive me bonkers if the "é" was left off or inconsistent. So, to keep things simple and consistent for both the word and my business name, I like choosing to leave off the "é."  

What format will the documents be sent in?

All materials are sent in the following formats:  Microsoft Word & Excel, Adobe PDF, Google Docs & Sheets. Written communication via email.

 What timezone are you in?

Located in Texas on (CST) Central Standard Time zone. 

 Why video calls?

To help us be more engaged remotely. Video calling allows us to "meet" and connect face-to-face. We’ll be able to collaborate in real-time inside the documents together.

During private coaching sessions, we'll have a genuine conversation about your career, your unique experiences, specific goals and how to best move forward to make meaningful career change. 


Best Resume Coach helps talented and experienced professionals make meaningful and lasting career change through collaboration, education, and connection. 


Jennifer Anne Garcia is a work-from-home Mom, veteran spouse, Career Coach, and the author of "Best Resume Recipe."


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